We guide learning.
We live green.
We foster respect.
And we thrive outdoors.
About us
My name is Natalia and I have been working in the field of education for the last 10 years. I have leaded children's summer camp programs, worked in private schools and bilingual kindergartens, organized numerous of children activities, festivals, exchange programs. For a few years I lived and traveled across Europe conducting different educational programs for children. I always continue to study the best educational practices participating in professional trainings in the best schools all over the world, like innovative Green School in Bali or the most famous nursery schools of Reggio in Italy.

My husband Ivan has always supported me on my path. He is very passionate about education as much as me and we have worked on many projects together.

All these years we have been dreaming about opening our own school and this small preschool is our first step on the way to our dream!
Our son Dev is almost 2,5 years now and he is our main inspiration for everything what we do!

Our approach
We are creating the place where children are educated through child-centered projects, hands-on experiences and open-ended activities
Reggio approach
We are deeply inspired by Reggio philosophy and personally think it is one of the most gentle, democratic and truly child-led early education practices.

In Reggio children are seen as competent, curious, full of knowledge and potential, and interested in connecting to the world around them. The space in which they learn is a key factor and considered as the "third teacher". The environment provides openness and freedom of movement, a connection with nature. The availability of real learning tools and supplies support children becoming competent and developing practical life skills as they explore and discover. Collaboration and community are also at the heart of how each child grows

We were very lucky to get the knowledge from the source, studying Reggio approach in the best preschools of Italy while living there.
We are excited to share this experience with the community here!
Forest school
We also strongly believe that children have the right to play, explore, and take risks, while conscious of their connection to the world we all share. The role of nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.

Every week we plan to spend at least half of one day in the nearest forest where children can freely play and explore in nature.

Our values
we believe that everyone can make a change and even small steps matter
We trust children and support their independency and free choice. They can always choose or propose any activity they want to do and inspire others to join them! They have a lot of time for a free play. All our activities and projects come entirely from kids' interests - we keep our ears and eyes open and observe them at every moment they are with us. We transform our environment and fill it with any materials and loose parts needed to support them in their exploration and learning.
Organic and nutritios food
We serve only home-made meals that are always cooked fresh and from ORGANIC products. We use a variety of wholegrain ingredients, a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables, our home-made bread is without yeast and sweets are without sugar. We never use microwave, hydrogenated oil, food colours, precooked frozen meals or canned food.
We involve kids in cooking as much as they wish and they always can choose what and how much they want to eat.
We grow organic vegetables and herbs in our garden together with children. They can see the whole process of a small seed turning into real food on their table! They learn to observe, take care of their plants daily while patiently waiting for the result. Nature can teach them so much!
A lot of time outdoors and in nature
Our door to the backyard is always open and children can spend as much time outdoors as they want! At least one day of our week we spend in the nearest forest and we can always go for a walk to one of the parks in our neighborhood.
Being certified and experienced kids and family yoga teachers ourselves, we see a huge difference in kids who start to practice even a little yoga regulary. Children yoga is very different from adult practice as there is definitely much more fun and games, but it also helps little people to learn how to calm down and relax for a little while. Kids practicing yoga develop a better ability to manage their emotions, to focus and concentrate.
We care about healthy environment and for the world we live in. We do our best to choose natural, sustainable or reusable products, including furniture, loose parts and other materials children interact with. We use only ecological cleaning supplies and detergents at our preschool.
Our day
We invite to join us children aged 3 - 6 and can offer a full day 8:00-5:00 schedule. The price per month is $1600. All other schedules are discussable.
Morning Drop Off
08:00 – 09:00
08:00 – 09:00
Free Play
09:00 – 09:30
09:00 – 09:30
Assembly (circle time)
sharing, planing our day together: everyone can propose and choose an activity or a project they want to do
9:30 - 09:45
9:30 - 09:45
Morning snack
organic seasonal fruits or fresh vegetables or smoothie or pudding
09:45 – 11:45
09:45 – 11:45
Projects in groups or individually
11:45 - 12:00
11:45 - 12:00
Sharing our results and experiences
12:00 – 12:30
12:00 – 12:30
organic wholegrains with fresh and cooked vegetables and protein (eg. wholegrain pasta/ rice / buckwheat/ millet/couscous/bulgur with seasonal vegetables and lentils/ beans/ chickpeas/ hummus / cheese/ tofu/ seitan)
12:30 - 1:00
12:30 - 1:00
Cleaning up
calming down, preparing for a nap or quite time
1:00 – 3:00
1:00 – 3:00
Nap time
or quite time for children who do not nap
3:00 - 3:15
3:00 - 3:15
Afternoon snack
organic home-made wholegrain bread /crackers / bars /oatmeal with cheese / yogurt/ nut butter and fruits /vegetables/ berries
Circle time
storytelling, discussing afternoon activity choices
3:30 - 5:00
3:30 - 5:00
Afternoon projects and adventures
Bye-bye, pick up
Registration for a visit
If you would like to know more about us and visit SEEDS, please fill out this form and we will contact you and send more details.

We speak English and Russian, so you can write in any of these languages.
Our contacts
Our preschool is a new, licensed and high quality home-based preschool in the Blossom Ave & Santa Teresa Blvd neighborhood in the South San Jose, California serving children aged 3 - 6.
License #434416137
+1 408 677 1083

Blossom Ave & Santa Teresa Blvd,
San Jose, CA 95123
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